Slope stabilty

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Oversteepened slopes could be graded or terraced to reduce the slope to the natural angle of repose. Over the last 5 years there were 7 fatalities caused by highwall or slope failure. Slope stability A more rigorous approach to slope stability analysis is limit analysis. A layer of such sand then becomes a weak layer in the slope.

These surfaces are then extruded to a 3D solid which may be intersected by various sets of discontinuities. Some of the limestone units have caverns that have been dissolved in the rock due to chemical weathering by groundwater.

Slope stability analysis

GEO General purpose geotechnical software application based on Discontinuity layout optimization for plane strain problems including slope stability. Undercutting - streams eroding their banks or surf action along a coast can undercut a slope making it unstable.

In this area the rocks have been folded into a synclinal structure with rock layers dipping gently toward the Pacific Ocean. Falling rocks were frequent in the quarry and their were almost continuous loud noises heard coming from the overhang above the quarry.

Slope stability analysis

Joints form free space in rock by which water, animals, or plants can enter to reduce the cohesion of the rock. Water becomes important for several reasons Addition of water from rainfall or snow melt adds weight to the slope.

Springs, seeps, or saturated ground in areas that have not typically been wet before. An example is shown in Figure 3, where a river is eroding the toe of a slope, and there is a swimming pool near the top of the slope. Absorption causes the minerals to take the water molecules into their structure.

AutoBlock is an add-on to the popular program "AutoCAD" and exploits its possibilities and its power e. Slope collapse on equipment.

First filling of the reservoir had increased fluid pressure in the pore spaces and fractures of the rock. Shocks - A sudden shock, such as an earthquake may trigger slope instability.

On October 9, at Define the pore-water pressure conditions as either piezometric lines, spatial functions, finite element computed, or Ru and B-bar approaches. The avalanche killed people.Slope stability assessment is a fundamental step in evaluating landslide hazard and for the safe design of structures and infrastructures.

We analyze the physical principles that underlie both the most frequently used computational methods and some less common but accurate methods.

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Long Range Displacement Transducers survey the movements of the slope, while special Piezometers and Temperature Sensors, designed to withstand the high temperatures and acidic conditions, monitor the temperatures and water levels at depths of up to 50 m. Slope stability analysis SLOPE/W is the leading slope stability software for soil and rock slopes.

SLOPE/W can effectively analyze both simple and complex problems for a variety of slip surface shapes, pore-water pressure conditions, soil properties, and loading conditions. Theory of Slope Stability. In the lecture part of this course we will discuss a variety of methods of analysis of slope stability and instability.

It is essential that the engineering geologist be intimately familiar with all of these methods because they provide ways of.

Mining Topic: Slope Stability

May 26,  · Lecture capture on slope stability, Ordinary Method of Slices and Modified (Simplified) Bishop's Method. On a slope, the force of gravity can be resolved into two components: a component acting perpendicular to the slope and a component acting tangential to the slope.

The perpendicular component of gravity, g p, helps to hold the object in place on the slope.

Slope stabilty
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